Stump Removal In Wellington

If you live in Wellington and are thinking about stump removal, we’d love to help remove unwanted stumps from your property, so that you will have more presentable garden and add value to your property.

By removing a stump from your garden, it will look tidy and appealing creating a great  first impression and offer many benefits:

  • Increase Property Value
  • Create more space for the garden
  • Visually expand your section
  • Create a better perception about your backyard
  • Remove potential health & safety hazard

The team at Wellington Stump Removals has removed hundreds of stumps in the past 10 years, working with home owners to create more space in their backyard.

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“I needed to get some stumps taken out. After waiting and waiting for hubby to sort it out I took matters into my own hands and called Steve. He was super responsive and the stumps were gone the next day, you would never know there had been two large willows there. Really pleased with the job done and would happily recommend.

Hope all is well with you and the whanau.